San Jacinto Mountains

My first week on the PCT was brutal, but the amount of experience I have acquired from the land, the hikers and the citizens is immeasurable. A single day seems to amount to a month, that’s how content-filled every day is.

This week, I reached a hiker town that happens to be a few miles from the PCT trail. It is called Idylwild. According to a climber I met, this is where rock climbing originated. The city is small, but it has everything a hiker would need and it is absolutely charming. If you like small mountain towns with nice restaurants, it’s worth a visit. I spent more money than I wanted!

After my short downtime in Idylwild, set off back to the PCT with Chezwick. Chezwick is a “purist”. Which means that he will not miss a single mile of the PCT and avoid hitchhiking. He’s pulled me into his purist scheme and I have now probably done more miles with him than anyone else on the trail since our start date. It is painful, but it feels right.

I have been putting a lot of stress on my feet, but there had been no show stoppers so far. After spending a night at idylwild, we went on to summit the second highest peak in California. It is called Mt. San Jachinto and stands at 10384 feet. We got lost on our way up there. As well as going back down. Falls, scrapes, hunger… They were all present.

Chezwick and I are borderline masochistic when it comes to pulling off long days hiking. To give you an example, we refused a hitch to the trail head and spent about 12 hours hiking uphill. This reminded that were capable of much more than we think if we have the willpower.

The next day we went down for three more days of hiking in brutal hot weather. About 100F. One of the girls got a heat stroke, I have also witnessed other hikers who struggled with the heat and felt miserable.

I had previously purchased concentrated electrolyte powder to put into my water, by drinking a ton of water I somehow managed to deal with the heat. I also found a nice water stream called mission Creek in San Gorgonio wilderness Park.

My next stop is Big Bear city. I don’t know what to expect, but I know one thing, it will be interesting.

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