Low Energy

This post was inspired by two different conversations I had this week. The first conversation happened with my boxer friend at the club. After our training together he said he felt exhausted. Obviously the training was taxing, but he’s not the kind of guy to utter such words so easily. He talked about how he rode his bike to the club in the heavy rain and that it had been harder than he had anticipated. I didn’t give it too much though, after all that was a plausible cause. It had been a very packed day for me, I just hustled along to my next errand, I had to be at three different places back to back and I also felt somewhat heavy, but I pushed through like I usually do, again not giving too much though as to why everything I did felt like a hard-earned touch down on a rainy day.

Then the second conversation arose during my yoga class. The teacher shared her previous day by defining it as ‘tiresome’. She said she rarely skipped her practice, but that she did and also woke up late yesterday. That’s when she alluded to the weather. On my way out I had had a sudden realization. We might not know where we come from(our origins), but we sure as hell came from the same place earth came from. All of a sudden it made total sense. The ‘moods’ of our planet are like energy fields. These fields traverse our bodies too. Surely, the reason the city has been sleeping on gaz for the past few days is due to some kind of low pressure system that’s been present ever since the arrival of spring. We are intrinsically linked with our environment.

Were often quick to feel guilty about not performing. This isn’t right. Yeah. Sometimes we slack off and we know we can do better, but the reverse is also true. Some of us have braved the cold north American weather, going about our usual business, but our energy was on credit and it might not have been reimbursed. We might have not given ourselves the rest we should have given our body and our mind. The energy levels of our collective system are a reflection of the weather and of our capacity to maintain our product capability(1).

That’s not to say that because it’s gray outside you ought to feel like shit. The reason that happens is because we don’t pay attention to the words we use when we wake up to look outside the window, when we drive to work, when we chat with our colleagues… Keep saying the weather ‘sucks’ and sure enough… it will suck. That, I find, is a blatant and lazy way of going about it. I’ve realized long ago that we are often using a binary framework to describe the world around us. The weather either feels good, or it’s plain bad. What about all the nuances of gray or blue in the sky? What about the shape of the clouds? What about the sound of the rain as it hits the pavement? None of this is covered in our evaluation of the weather. A dull definition of the current moment translates to a dull life. Find excitement in the mundane. Tolkien wrote all of his books from his house, he didn’t travel. He just knew how see the world with a different lens. In The Four Agreements(2), there is a complete chapter that is dedicated to speech. How we can transform our life, and the life of the people we deal with by being more intelligent in our use of the word.

As for the energy levels, accept it fully. Resistance is similar to hard wood, it doesn’t bend, it breaks. Be flexible and remember : This too shall pass, yes it will.


(1)P/PC Balance, Seven Habits for Highly Effective People
(2)Be Impeccable with your Word, The Four Agreements

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