Simple Habits, Simple Life

Esoteric knowledge is attractive because it helps you understand the world. The concepts are commonly more abstract, but they cover more cases. They provoke powerful paradigm shifts in us. That being said, I like to go back to the basics, when I feel like I’ve gone too far down a path, it’s time to smile and rekindle with what got us going in the first place. A common example that I like to think of comes from professional athletes. When it gets too serious and complex, the coach will often talk about going back to the fundamentals. It’s not always about thinking five steps ahead, but really just to get back to our center. The following list are some habits that have helped me a lot in the past five years. Very simple, very effective.

The first habit is so obvious we often overlook it. Drink a sufficient amount of water. Get to know how much water you need based on your weight and your age. In my case, as a very active individual weighting 165 pounds living in a temperate climate, I need about 3 liters of daily hydration. My mug holds up to 300ml of water. Therefore I would need to drink seven complete mugs during my work hours. The rest would be covered by owning a travel mug. Since our bodies composition is mostly water, do yourself a favor and challenging yourself to a week of sufficient hydration. You will be surprised.

Another great, great habit to get into is meditation. I know what you’re thinking… you might have a bunch of excuses popping up in your head if you have never tried it. It doesn’t have to be spiritual, nor very long. Sit comfortably, stare at a wall and look at your thoughts. Just become aware of them. Do this for five minutes in the morning before rushing out the door. Keep your breaths consistent. If sitting isn’t your thing, walking to the park is good too. Look at the surroundings, feel your bodies weight, notice the subtle changes. I won’t go into the details, but if you wonder why you act a certain way and can never change your behavior, watching your thoughts can give you huge insights on the way you end up in less than optimal states of mind.

A final habit that is worth mentioning is to get enough sleep. And when it comes to napping, if you are going to take one, go into it fully. What’s the point of feeling guilty for taking a 20 minute nap if half of it is spend thinking of all the reasons you should be doing other things. Get enough sleep. Everyone is different, don’t look at anyone, listen to your body. I’ve personally witnessed teens and young adults who spent months or years not getting enough sleep. It would often translate into unforeseen illnesses, burnouts and weight gain. Again, listen to your body. If you are a parent, don’t use that as an excuse. Change your relationship with your situation, accept it fully, then try to figure out how to get the sleep you need.

All three habits involve your body physically, they are tangible and they can be tracked by simply jotting down points on a calendar. Don’t be too hard on yourself, be consistent and you will be paving the path to a healthier future in no time at all.

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