Sensory Deprivation Tanks

I have been interested in sensory deprivation tanks for a couple of weeks now. I will go ahead and tell you that they are also called flotation baths. Doesn’t sound that intimidating now huh? Last week I visited a spa that offered this service. Basically, were talking about a giant silo containing water and about two thousand cups of Epsom salts. Typically you lie in there for about one hour. The silo is noise-proof and gives you the option to turn off the lights. As far as sensory deprivation goes, you do retain the physical sensations of your skin, but they become sharper since all your other senses are now toned down. The water’s texture also gains a viscous property.

I’ve heard of people who took LSD whilst bathing themselves for additional effects. It was not my case, but I did close the tank and shut off the lights to spend the hour in complete darkness. It ended up being a real treat. I spaced out and began feeling like I was an unborn baby in the womb. I also became the universe. I had also taken a lot of caffeine before heading out which was not recommended. My heart went pounding for fifteen minutes until my breath became a re-assuring anchor. It made me realize how little we care for ourselves. The body reacts to all external influences. It ought to be compared to the highest luxury item we will ever have the pleasure of owning and using. Under this kind of perspective it makes complete sense to take some time off and train the body.

Overall, I heartily recommend it. The sensory deprivation tank is a great way to detect any tensions that may lie in the body. This can give us hints to certain body parts that might need conscious supervision.

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