Now you can Pray

Not what he wishes and prays for does a man get, but what he justly earns. His wishes and prayers are only gratified and answered when they harmonize with his thoughts and actions. — James Allen

Isn’t this quote lovely? I have been having stomach problems for a few months now. I did everything I could expect one obvious thing. That thing was to consult a doctor. It sounds obvious, but I do not have a family doctor so from the get-go I did not want to deal with the cities shitty public health system(this has nothing to do with the employee’s). Anyways, after some negligence I kicked the bucket and answered the call. I had already changed my diet, took time off of alcohol and did my best to contribute to a healthy gut, but to no avail. I even took time to read books on avoiding worry because I do believe that the immune system is influenced by our thoughts.

So on Sunday I went to see a doctor at a clinic which took patients with no appointment. I had already had bad experiences with that clinic, but I knew that bitterness would be absolutely pointless. I was assertively kind and made sure I had been understood. Before I knew it, I had been asked to do a stool sampling and over the week I went to the hospital to get that done. And it wasn’t a pain in the ass. There was waiting time, but I made sure to show distinguished respect for all the health-care professionals who served me because it is a tough job where ungratefulness and violence can be expected on a daily basis.

If I look at the list of all the things I can do, I am about 90% done. Aside from consulting a specialist(which would logically come after a test that brought up nothing) and consulting a naturopath I have done what I had to do as far as I was concerned.

Now I can pray with steadfast conviction. Onwards!