You Owe it to Yourself

I decided to make the next 30 days of the year a celebration of masculinity in it’s various forms. We owe it to ourselves.

With the peace and love movement that followed world war 2, the feminist groups that altered men’s image(in good and bad ways), the lack of male teachers and role-models in society and the absent father in the household; it’s no wonder we have lost our sense of what it is to be a male! It would be too easy to blame our circumstances and our up bringing, but we know all too well that it would do absolutely no good. With the 30 days focus on masculinity I aim to watch movies that showcase the man in all it’s splendor, spend some time with the guys… and I want to spend time playing sports and being physical as well as read books portraying great men throughout history.

We need to give our self a chance and refresh this image that we have in our minds. Why? Because society won’t do it for us. And there’s nothing worst than having a map of Detroit while visiting Chicago. If our paradigms are wrong, we can only rely on chance encounters and luck to help us out. Are we really okay being in that position? Let’s get a map that can help us understand where we stand, where we are, where we’re going. Only then, can we bring real change to the world.

The most unbelievable aspect of this decision is that this is the first time in my life that I decide to celebrate my masculinity. I had just realized that my manliness was based off of whatever society had decided a man ought to be. This thin veil that covers my eyes and the eyes of millions of men cause needless suffering and a feeling of shame that is never easy to put into words. When we know our place, everything else consequently fits a new position. By knowing our manly values we can really start paving the road to excellence, control, focus and love.

If you feel like you are neglecting an aspect of your life or your psyche, it might be worth doing something similar.

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