Twenty Years of Experience in One Day

I went to my usual training session at the boxing club. I am currently running a bit of a fever and feeling generally weak. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sun exposure, the 12 consecutive days of work, the training regiments I go through, the late-night partying or a mix of all of these things that make me want to hide under a rock for the rest of eternity, but as usual, I try to see what kind of gift every situation has in store for me.

Being incredibly tired starts with resistance and frustration, but usually ends up with acceptance. In that full moment of surrender things suddenly get much clearer. To the point that our usual though processes leave room for new concepts that we are usually closed to initially.

Now to get back to the training session at the boxing club, I was shaky as described previously. The coach leading our group nitpicked every false move I made. I didn’t tell him that I felt like shit; didn’t see how that would make anything better nor did I feel like there was any injustice going on. I showed up knowing I would have trouble keeping up. We were going in circles doing pads with the coach one on one. During my waiting period I was having random thoughts: about competing, about my high standards, how people interacted with me. It had suddenly dawned upon me. What if I could convince the club to host an event where I would spar for 20 rounds with different people. How much experience I would be able to pack up in that single hour? I am certain that this kind of action is a one way ticket to acute learning. The same can be said about other things in life. From fears to challenges, they all benefit from situations that push us to our limits.

I’m currently looking at my internal processes to see how direct, magnified exposure could massively shift my consciousness and open up new avenues. It is not necessarily true that we need years of experience to attain anything at all. It is about effective practical emphasis.

Food for thought.

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