Humanization with Laughter

We all have weeks where we feel like Tyler Durden from Fight Club. Alienated, disconnected, careless and reckless. For some people this translates into feeling further away from humanity than ever before. Feeling repulsed by the flesh yet taking part in pornography or prostitution, being unable to share in on our feelings with everyone else, being unable to cry, seeing life in a polarizing fashion… I could put out many more examples, but you get the point.

It shows through the body too. Fear attracts fear, it’s a powerful tool, which coupled with the concept of a self-fulling prophecy can put us into a social environment that causes endless and unnecessary suffering.

I’m experimenting with different strategies to stay out of the slump, or at least change my relationship with it. So far I have found that a very fast way of breaking the mold is by doing the opposite of our usual act. There’s a psychotherapist that once said : “If you keep doing the sames things, you must expect the same results”. Feeling frustrated? Stop acting in similar ways ‘get off the beaten path’.

Another one that I like is from a book called “A guide to the good life” by William B Irvin., he talks about laughter and self-deprecating humor as vital assets to anyones toolkit. I whole heartily agree. We often suffer because we are being very serious and putting people or ideals on a pedestal. Hell, if there’s one quick way to snap out and get down our high horse it is by picking up on how ridiculous we are being. Any good doctor will have no problem prescribing a healthy amount of laughter at the world and at self. Kurt Vonnegut likes to laugh at out ridiculous the world is too and I’d like to think that this is what makes his books so accessible.

Watch interviews of Freddie Mercury or Frank Zappa, the two guys were not acting. They were who they were. Not afraid to voice an opinion and being able to laugh at oneself and at the way things work. That’s part of what made them so interesting.

The next time you feel a bit off, do something radically different or laugh out loud.

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