Onwards! Maine!

As some of you may know, winter is slowly coming upon us here on the eastern coast of northern America. The sun is now hitting the snooze button on it’s personal galactic alarm-clock and likes to hit the bed as early as 3PM! We won’t complain, because the sun has earned it’s break with the sun rays it so aptly delivered during the whole of summer.

With all that said, we took this opportunity for one last dip before the snow’s first touch upon our lands. We chose to rent a cottage house in a place called Wells in the state of Maine.

The red zone is Wells in the state of Maine.

To be perfectly honest, I had planned on sleeping in a tent during the Thanks giving weekend. So I downright refused to sleep in a warm comfortable bed. Who in his right mind would choose comfort versus sleeping outside to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, the fireflies gently displaying themselves as gentle dots in the sky and the sound of the rain droplets massaging our beautiful tents. At least that’s how I pictured it in my mind!

Now, we had the cottage for two nights. Therefore our first night was spent on a trail in the White Mountains half-way to our final destination. We simply went deep enough to find a flat zone where we could setup our tents and get ready for tomorrow’s remaining drive.

I come up with a brilliant idea. The weather looks clear, why not sleep without my tent? What a terrible idea! I did not sleep one bit. And I kept sliding down the terrain. I spent the rest of the night swearing and fighting my sleeping bag.

First night setup in the White Mountains

We are rewarded with the view of what seemed to be a climbing spot. We were utterly lost as usual; I cannot point out exactly where this was. Enjoy the picture.

A climbing spot in the White Mountains.

On our second day we arrive to our cottage in Wells. I setup my tent in the backyard and then we proceed to rent a few surf boards. We got 3 millimeter wet suits. Boy did we need them. Our rentals did not come with shoes, gloves or caps. The winds were ice-cold. Spending anymore than 2 hours in the water was almost out of the question(Some of us pushed the boundaries ready to face the aftermath). The waves were quite small. Were talking chest-high at most. It’s still a whole lot of fun, some of us missed the sea so much that upon riding our first few waves successfully wanted to bear with the cold for a while longer. The place is very forgiving. No rocks and the surfing happens quite close to the coast.

The pathway behind our cottage leading to the ocean and a handsome man(me).

As far as tips go, if you plan on doing some surfing in Maine during the months of October and November make sure you bring towels to warm yourself up after your surfing session. We didn’t do it, but we had access to the cottage so it’s a different story. Don’t underestimate those winds. We had a clear blue sky on our last day and yet some of us felt frigid in and out of the water. I remember cussing a few times as the sharp winds razored the back of my hairless head.

The cozy lights emitted by the cottage before nightfall…

The village of Wells strikes me as quite welcoming. This village definitely has it’s low tourist seasons between December and April, but some people might find the vacant beach quite charming.

A panoramic view of the coast like making up part of a house formation in Wells.

All in all, if you are looking for a quiet place to go for walks, some fresh air and a few waves to ride out, then this place is worth a visit! Have fun!

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