On Diets

When I ate really really well, my stomach would get upset whenever I would consume fast food. I talked about this effect to a very knowledgeable friend of mine. According to him, the better we eat, the purer our “pool of water” is. And so eating anything remotely obscure will stain that water with visible consequences.

I wasn’t too keen on being unable to process bad food so I started re-integrated crap food into my diet. I experimented a little. After a few trials I realized that I felt good about eating questionable food about twice a month. To me, it means that I am warning my body that there is potentially awful consumable content out there and that my immune system should be aware of it. I’d like to think that this is similar to the process of vaccines. For those who don’t know, vaccines usually exist as injections of dead viruses. This helps the body get familiar with a virus as to have the best chances to fight it, if he were to catch it for real.

In the end, were talking about richly balancing diets. I am an omnivore, I will avoid processed food, but I will not mind straying off my path if the circumstances oblige. This attitude has been pretty good to me and so I don’t believe that strict diets ever reach the projections made by experts and books. Of course, this is putting aside intolerances and allergies. Then one must simply learn to accept them.

The Brazilian dietary guidelines are a good starting place. The document has a lot of insights and I’ve always thought of Brazilian’s as pretty darned fit. Setting aside the massive alcohol consumption that Brazil has been showing statistically in the last 10 years, the document is promising.

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