She Stayed the Same

My mom lives in a medium-sized neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown. On the same street, there lives a woman who won at the lottery some time ago.

We don’t know how much it was, but we believe it was enough to guarantee an immediate retirement. I have been passing by her house of residence for about 12 years. She never moved away. Instead, she made renovated her house and puts nice Christmas decorations during the winter season and beautiful banquets of flowers in the summer time.

She also treats her neighbors with small gifts and finances part of her nephews education. What she is doing with her money isn’t that important. What’s remarkable is that her lifestyle hasn’t changed since her win at the lottery.

She made small changes externally, but as far as her status and how she behaves with her surroundings, things haven’t changed one bit. Theirs a good lesson to take here. All those material possessions surely buy some peace of mind, but it won’t do any good if you come from a bad place. She was already living a stable life and her gain at the lottery only reinforced her goodwill.

I’d like to think that if you are satisfied with nothing, then being the owner of physical items won’t be part of your identity, they will simply be what they were supposed to be from the start, things.