It feels like no matter where you look, there’s talk about depression and social anxiety disorder. I looked up the words use of the last two centuries and it seems to be in a steady incline :

Where do we go from here? Well, I remember what Stephen Covey once said in one of his instructional DVD’s :

You SEE what you SEEK.

I thought about this idea for a long, long time. Why is this idea important? Because if you are already depressed or suffer from social anxiety, you are also prone to see it everywhere. A similar phenomenon happens when you purchase a new car and suddenly notice your car brand in traffic among other cars. All of a sudden this concept has been brought unto your locus of attention! So you are in deep waters because it’s a vicious cycle, you are depressed, you think about depression and whenever you watch TV or see anything you somehow manage to think about it.

Now we don’t need to despair. The reverse is also true, if you love, then you can also end up seeing it everywhere. It’s a good feeling to have, most of us had it unconsciously during the initial weeks of our first relationship.

Here’s the thing though, they are both the edges of a horizontally delimited line. When you push too hard you hurt yourself, when you don’t push at all, you end up frustrated. Can we aim for the middle instead? And is this middle satisfactory? I don’t know.

One thing is clear though, when it feels like our brain is in a fog, when we can’t keep attention and when we feel numb about our environment; we are alienated. This feeling of alienation is troublesome. It’s a feeling of isolation, of powerlessness and an absence to the immediate. Be weary of these signs, the sooner you notice this state of being you are in, the quicker you can take appropriate action. Making the assessment is half the battle. Take it in as a sign that there needs to be change in your life. That you have been choosing the path of least resistance too often, or that your current environment is fostering apathy.

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