Just Picked it Up

I went to get my haircut at the barber shop. Today I got it from an old timer who spent more than my entire life cutting hair. I was curious so I asked him how it started.

The story was surprisingly simple. His college application had been rejected. The next day, first day of his summer vacation, while watching TV, his dad asked him what he was doing. Before he had a chance to answer his father told him to find a job. And that’s it. He became a hairdresser. Makes a living and doesn’t seem to be occupied with the choice he made.

Not saying that this is how it’s meant to be, but it is interesting to see someone pick a career in a day and sticking with it versus what’s happening now where people switch professions without really knowing where their headed.

It’s a true blessing to find your calling at such a young age. At 23 he already had 5 years of experience under the belt. Experience invites confidence. From there it simply snowballed.

So I’m wondering where this desire to make it big comes from. When you have someone like my hairdresser who picked a classic trade and never looked back.

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