Surprising Conversations

My dad has been surprising me for a year or two now. Ever since he started reading books on aliens, the Mayas and the universe something that is hard to explain has happened to him. My mom thought it was odd, but I silently supported his new hobby.

He is still the same man I knew. Yet he’s accepted his life and demonstrates a powerful sense of curiosity. Things don’t bother him anymore, at least not as much. He’s spending less and less time complaining about his work, his apartment or worrying about me. I’d like to know his secret, but I know very well that he went and found that knowledge all by himself. And so I won’t ask him, I’ll simply enjoy the occasional suppers and outings we have together.

I will talk about some of the conversations we’ve had. A recent one that woke me up came from a discussion we had about airplanes and his recent trip to Poland. Eventually he said something that sounded different :

Inside of the plane we don’t notice it, but we are going at 750 Mph. We can’t know, we are inside of the plane. The outside is much different, yet were not aware of the speed at which the plane goes. We are inside the plane.

This sounds obvious, but I related his thoughts to life. How can you understand life if you live it. You aren’t outside of life. The best you can do is to tap into your imagination to get a sense of what it might be to go beyond life. I thought about that one for a while…

Here’s another one that shut me up last week. I met a girl that I liked. So I invited her for a drink. It turned into a lunch, but that is not important. When I went to see my dad the following week, I told him about my time with her. He asked me if I liked her, I promptly answered back with a yes in addition to an affirmative nod.

We talked a few more minutes and he asked me what she was doing here among other questions. I told her she was doing an internship, but that I did not know the details. He answered back by saying, “I guess you don’t like her that much then”.

Haha, jokes on me. That last sentence switched something in my brain. Something like an awareness of my selfishness. I won’t go into the details, but he made a good point. It took a while for me to figure out what that meant to me.

I’ve been getting these kind of cues way more often lately. Not just with my father, but everyone. Ever since I started asking a lot of questions I have been surprised time and time again. People are like books, take a deep listen, let them be and enjoy this living information. After all, it comes from real experience.

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