On the Human Condition

I’ve been thinking about duality for about four or five months now. It’s a concept that seems to be finely ingrained in many, many things.

From our personal behavior to the way the world changes around us, it seems like duality is right there, waiting for us to notice it. What irks me is the cycle. If you are in state A, then state B will soon follow. Say you are happy, then there’s a chance that your future state will be sadness. This is empirical and only based off of my own experience right now.

The counter-argument that I have found is how low or high we can go as human beings. I’ve seen obese people who procrastinated, indulged and wasted their time away until there very deaths. I’ve seen people who somehow flip things their way; no matter how narrow and filled with obstacle the path is over and over. They both have this consistency in common.

I seem to be missing an idea. I keep thinking in terms of what goes up eventually goes down. What about that obese individual who died and that professional athlete who was never beaten in officially regulated championships? The concept of after-lives could answer this, but I cannot accept it because it’s too abstract for me.

Perhaps, instead, we can say that both sides are subjected to the same pain and joy that their environment subjects them to. Then, the decision to either accept or refuse it is up to them. In that view, perhaps it is truly possible to live a good life the whole way through, or a bad one. Again, we see people spend 20 years in depression and finish it off with a suicide. Then there are people who seem to always feel contempt with their life situation. A quote by Viktor Frankl summarizes that idea very well :

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

So there is a way to personal salvation. The fact that there are still things to learn and acquire out there in the world is just extra fluff. Deep inside our core were sublime, were an extension of the universe. Ever expanding.

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