Binary Assessments

In my opinion, we as human beings, are full of faults. It’s easy to find examples, we could probably enumerate a thousand different examples just by looking at the way we handle our planet. I am also aware that pointing out the problems loudly will not provide the anticipated results. That is why I turn myself to human potential. Countless times have we seen remarkable characters show us what human potential is made of. History may have been written by the victors, but truth prevails in subtle ways too.

And while were talking about human potential there is something I find lacking in modern day society. A sense of wonder, of amazement, a genuine curiosity. We have a knack for something I call “binary assessments”. What are “binary assessments” you say? Well, whenever we deal with one of our five primal senses we split the experience in two concepts that are mutually exclusive. To cite a few examples, we may say that the weather outside is “lame” in contrast to “great”. Or we may say that this food “tastes like shit” in contrast to “this is the best thing I ever ate”.

We so rarely think of all the nuances. Let’s think for a second. The weather outside. Have you ever looked at the clouds and their shape? Do you look at the infinitely perfect blue gradient that sits over us? Or the myriad shades of gray on a cloudy day? Do you ever listen to the rain, the way it sounds upon touching different textures? Don’t you feel the breeze, the way your clothes and hair move to it, the way it gently sweeps across the land? This moment is unique, and it is always there, waiting for you.

The world is absolutely brilliant, our sense of wonder is still here, all it wants is our attention. To use our critical thinking ability to understand how we bath in a rich and complex dance of molecules that spans an ever-expanding universe!

I can hear them saying: “This sounds crazy, your fooling yourself.” Really? What if we were simply used to the way society ran and preferred to fit in? This wish to fit in, it does it not come from a fear of freedom? Our independence?

I’d like to think that it is in my power to cultivate a sense of wonder. I would like to think that you can too.

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