Straight Arrow

I feel like talking about an encounter I had with what I consider a real-life elf. She was tall and slender, she was emanating a surreal sureness and her eyes would pierce and move any heart it looked upon. It is important to note that she could recognize any LoTR song and knew pretty much every detail of J.R.R’s fantasy collection.

(I met her in a live model drawing class. I can’t remember the exact reasons why I took an interest in drawing, I think it was out of sheer curiosity.)

Her presence was something else, the feeling I was getting was a mix of admiration, contemplation and something that can’t be put into words. It’s kind of like looking at a the night sky full of stars, or to stop and take a close look at a flower, to smell it’s scent. You have this realization which hints you towards a scheme that is much bigger than yourself. You feel minuscule, yet infinite.

I was compelled to look at her uncanny whole and at the way which she masterfully did her work. I was inspired and yet she hadn’t uttered a single word.

I’d like to meet more people like that. And I will add that if we pay attention to the signs everyone has that hidden potential inside himself.

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