Rogue Warrior and Human Potential

Richard “Dick” Marcinko

I am almost done reading Richard Marcinko’s auto-biography. It is quite a stunning read. Written in the first-person with very little censoring, you are privileged with a glimpse of how a Frogman, Navy Seal and commanding leader of Seal Team Six thinks.

In the book he describes how, at one point, he was doing his regular shifts for the army, then 5 hours at university in the evening plus drinking a few cold ones with his wife before going to bed. Richard doesn’t really talk about it being difficult to wake up in the morning or if the days felt long for him. He seemed very involved and almost programmed to live with very consistent working habits.

I’m sure it was rough at times, but it did not deter him from his main objectives. Sacrifices, enemies and little sleep were a recurrent theme in the book. Does it mean we should live our lives like he did? Of course not. We are all our own propriety. I still welcome the thought of integrating facts of him that I liked to see how that can affect my life.

Which drove me to think about my limit. It has been a few years that I have optimal living conditions: good food, good sleep and good mental/physical habits. There’s nothing to complain about, but that’s when it hit me.

I won’t know my personal limit unless I go beyond it.

So this past week I have willingly sabotaged my routine by physical and mental exertion until I reached a soft cap where I knew it was time to take a break. Do I feel good about it? Perhaps not, I am banged up and tired, but there is no strength that hasn’t crossed the path of weakness. It is in hard lessons that we can thrive and go beyond ourselves.

I will see at pushing the cap further and further as the weeks go by. If I remain aware of my actions I should still be able to see when certain things could become a detriment to my health or my relationships, but otherwise this feels like it fits my persona.

So these next few weeks I’ll be brutal with myself, I do believe this to be a game, after all. And I invite you guys to try this out, it will be fun, I promise.

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