Influences in Environment

Our environment has powerful, constant and silent influence on us. Here’s how I came to really understand that.

In January I moved to a new apartment in downtown’s busiest pub district. There were parties upstairs and a pub downstairs. I dreaded going to sleep knowing I might have to deal with hours of incessant music. My room had no windows so it felt like a coffin. To top it off my roommates were students while I worked full-time and so we had very different lifestyles. I grew edgy, impatient and distant.

After two months I moved to a calmer neighborhood. Children are playing in the fields at the back, the place is bigger, my room is more spacious, my roommates are diverse and I get along with them pretty well. In a matter of a few days I’ve gotten better sleep and regained my inner peace.

In both situations there is one element that hadn't changed. My daily routine. Difficult times, easy times, mellow times, stressful times or busy times, you name it; my routine was there waiting for me. It kept me in the game, but in reality I did have to face the facts of my life situation. I planned my way out and resolved to change my external circumstances by looking at what I could do. To have time to think about this change my routine was priceless. It nurtured my damaged principles and what came out of it was the confidence to act on what I believed to be the truth at that time.

So even if you are an effective individual, be weary of your environment, because it is always there, it’s always present and it unconsciously sends you messages. It tweaks your habits and it has the potential to make you miserable. Be weary.

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