How the kids do It

While I was reading a book at the park I saw a father teaching his daughter how to ride a bicycle. The kid would push on the pedals and fall immediately. This brought me back to my own days and I realized that, if kids do learn fast, that doesn’t mean they had it any easier than an adult learning the same skill. We have this impression because we barely remember the falls and the struggles we had when we were young.

Kids have innocence, a sense of curiosity and perhaps a little bit of help from our good friend the gravity to learn things quickly. In contrast, we have responsibilities, were grounded in conditioned beliefs and struggle with concepts like passion and motivation.

Here’s a fact, that little girl fell down about 10 times in just about 15 minutes of riding. It did not feel like there was any difference in her expression as she went on with her riding. She just repeated the experience with a few helpful hints from her father. A full grown adult might get dismayed or develop anxiety which will hurt his assimilation of whatever he was trying to learn.

I am under the belief right now that adults have the potential to learn faster than young children. It just takes the right mindset. What is that mindset? Well first off, accepting mistakes and not being too attached to the end result is helpful. Secondly, once we do see the results we can look at them honestly and see what needs tweaking without being self-critical. Finally, instead of coming from a place of conclusion thinking we already know how how it ought to be we can give ourselves a change by consuming different helpful resources and only then form an opinion thanks to our broader perspective.

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