Choosing idols Wisely

When were hustling everyday, we can spread thin or stray off into unknown territory. That is an adventure in itself and it brings a good lesson beneath all the frustrations we may live.

That being said, we can pick a few role models to help us along the way. It’s as simple as loosely following the footsteps of people we deem having lived the way we strive to. When I read Mark Twain’s adventures in Western America, or let myself be amazed by Alan Watt’s explanation of Western philosophy I am also planting a seed into my brain. By collecting seeds we nurture a new perspective and a different way of doing what we love. We also become a beacon of information for other people.

A good dose of skepticism can be beneficial though. Because some people put their idols under a god-like veil. Let’s not forget that they are all human beings. And if you choose to follow a character of fiction then remember that he is just that, a character of fiction. Otherwise we tend to have a gap between us and an image that can never be reached. Were never good enough.

Also, when it comes to having role models in real life, we want to strive and remain at their level. They have qualities that they exhibit, but you also have your own. You just lived with them for a very long time, so you might not be as aware of your own influence and uniqueness. Thinking of anyone in too high esteem is bound to hurt. Simply because we immediately discard anyone who isn’t like that, including ourselves.

So the next time we choose an idol, let’s remember we are also paving our way and that just feels awesome.

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