Leaving a job

I’m in a situation where my current job is rather underwhelming. As a new graduate who put in a lot of hours ironing out my skills the position I am in is all but fulfilling. After 5 months of work for the current firm I work for I was approached by a small start-up to work on a different, rather promising project(they all look great at first glance).

I won’t go into the details, but the current corp I work for is suffering from rather serious cultural clashes after my firm’s recent acquisition of an off-shore company. This is hurting my career big-time because these clashes forced upon us, engineers, tools and methodologies that are difficult to work with and cannot be changed in the short-term. The start-up already has a legitimate amount of funding as well as two of my old friends working full-time on the project.

It can be exciting to see an exit sign, but it is still worth some time to objectively look at such a decision as it can have an impact on various spheres of ones life… and to an extent the people around you.

I devised this little system to help in decision making. It could be applied to other decisions, as long as we take the time to do it slowly. I will explain the steps and an example will follow.

  1. The first step is to put the decision in written form as the header. Write it as an affirmation.(E.g. “Leaving the job” or “Staying at the job”)
  2. The second step is to write down in bullet form the pro’s and con’s of this decision. Think of direct and indirect ways in which this decision will impact your life.
  3. After laying out the list, for each item, set a word that acts as a general concept for the point.(E.g. “career”, “health”, “social”)
  4. The third step is to rate each bullet point from the second step. Rate each of them with a value between one and five. One being importance and five being high importance.
  5. You are now in a position to look at this list and objectively see if it makes sense to go forward with your choice.

Here’s mine :

Subject: Leaving my full-time position to work at a start-up


  • (2) I will mostly work with old school mates. —Social
  • (5) Flexible schedule, remote work, start at 25 hours a week. — Freedom
  • (5) Work with bleeding edge technology. — Career
  • (2) Possibility for equity. — Money
  • (4) New experience with a group of resolved individuals. — Exciting

Total: 18 points


  • (5) No salary for the first two months. — Money
  • (1) Leaving a permanent job after 5 months. — Reputation
  • (1) Project may fail and lead to being jobless. — Jobless
  • (1) Won’t see the work colleagues I bonded with as regularly. — Social
  • (2) Will lose my insurance and other big-corp benefits. — Health

Total: 10 points

It’s worth adding that one could also look at alternatives, this system is about choosing between two options AFTER having looked at various options.

So which decision do you think I am going to make, stay or leave? Stay tuned.

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