I helped the quality insurance team improve their pipeline by writing perl scripts that automated tasks. They later extended my internship and asked me to assist another deparment within the company. I worked with the Flight Simulator team, I helped them by writing a cross-platform driver in C++ for controlling the simulation with a joystick. During the feature freeze, I was tasked with fixing bugs in the GUI which was written in C++ and Qt. My work helped improve customer satisfaction by fixing most known issues.
I had an R&D position at TLT. I was tasked with various work. Most notably, I integrated an H.264 decoder inside of a multimedia framework in C with ffmpeg. This allowed us to use high quality streams for product demonstrations. I think it made our product more impressive to clients.

Afterwards, I was tasked with adding voice control to our eye-tracking device(see picture). It used the C# Kinect library. The product allowed us to register common words, such as off, on, red, stop and trigger functions in our codebase. It was a great way to add another way of interacting with the device; which initially did eye-tracking.
When I joined EA I was initially set to work on UFC F2P, but I ended up working on Yogify. I built the in-game purchase store in Objective-C that allows a user to unlock additional features within the app. I was responsible for communication between my manager and an out-sourced team that worked on other parts of the application.
I came back to Electronic Arts and worked with the central technologies team. I was tasked with improving the audio engine that was used in many game titles. The engine was written in C++, I also added unit tests and helped the team on various projects that helped us reach our milestones.
Slingbee was a small start up that wanted to redefine the way the workers from the restaurant industry communicated together. I worked on the backend which used Amazon Lambda's, DynamoDB and EC2 services. I also worked on the Android version and on the website.
Moroccan Oil hired me to rebuild most of their internal customer loyalty website. The work involved database migrations and complete re-writes of many components. The original code had a monolitic design that was difficult to maintain. We moved it from PHP 5 to PHP 7 involving the use of Laravel as the new framework. I worked on the architecture and was also responsible for setting up the new servers on Amazon EC2. I left the company after the website was stable and fully migrated.
Kaplica is a website generator that gives small businesses the opportunity to get online visibility in a couple of minutes. With live feedback, optional components, editable fields, a map and social network integration, Kaplica makes life easy. I built the complete stack.
I built the website for a restaurant called Perles & Paddock. It is built on top of Grav CMS which gave my client complete freedom over the content of his website. The website supports multiple languages, includes a full administrator panel, supports Markdown blog articles, tagging and an instagram feed among other things.